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Our projects


We currently support the KCC with its many small and large individual projects:

At the KCC, there are many different offers for the numerous children and young people, which they can use free of charge. They can develop freely and their talents are encouraged.

For example, there is a pre-school kindergarten, computer and English courses, tutoring and daily activities that take place mainly in the afternoon (e.g. acrobatics, music, traditional and modern dance, theatre, sewing, swimming lessons, ...).

Every Saturday, the Saturday Show takes place in the centre, where all children and young people can show what they have learned.

All activities are run and organised by about 35 Tanzanians on a voluntary basis. They take care of the children's well-being every day and support them even in difficult situations. The KCC is like a big family where everyone is welcome, regardless of origin, gender, religion, ability, knowledge, etc. It is a peaceful place where children can simply be children and feel safe.

Besides the daily activities, there are also some larger projects that we regularly support with our donations. What these projects are and how you can support them is explained on the following pages.


General information about the KCC

The Kigamboni Community Centre (KCC) was founded in 2007 by four Tanzanians who had themselves faced many difficulties in their lives. The centre is located on the peninsula in Kigamboni, a suburb of Dar es Salaam. Meanwhile, 400-450 children and young people attend the centre, which is run by about 35 Tanzanians on a voluntary basis.

As a community centre, it is aimed at all people in the area, but especially at children and young people. The KCC wants to give all people in Kigamboni and the surrounding area the chance to do something meaningful, to help them overcome daily difficulties and to show them possibilities for their future lives. In addition, it is intended to be a safe place where children can and may simply be children.

Under the motto "Everyone has a talent, so come along and let others be part of it", the KCC offers various educational, recreational and further training opportunities.

The KCC sees itself as an organisation for the entire community. Everyone should gain access to education and have perspectives in life. It has the vision of a communal, supportive and creative world without poverty.

Therefore, KCC's staff bring people together to support each other by sharing their knowledge, passion, creativity, talents and skills. Respect, equality, peace, creativity, trust, security and uniqueness play a major role.

The centre has been built exclusively by volunteers and financial support from private sources.

Therefore, we are active with the Pamoja e.V. association from Germany to support the helpers on site.

Eingang KCC.jpg

The idea of the KCC Childrens Home

Since 2007, the KCC has been offering various activities for children and young people in Kigamboni. Over time, more and more street children have come to the KCC to participate in the daily activities at the centre. However, since the KCC does not have the possibility to provide them with a place to live and other necessary food, the idea of the shelter came up.

The shelter project helps to get the children off the streets not only during the day, but also in the evenings and at night, to care for them and to integrate them into the community. On the one hand, it includes safe shelter, educational opportunities, clothing and food, but also appropriate care and support for children who would otherwise live on the streets and spend their daily lives there.
It is important to know that most street children are not orphans. For this reason, a very important part of the Shelter Project is to find out where the child's family members are and to offer help and support to both the child and his or her family. The primary goal of the project is to return the children to their families - if possible - and to reintegrate them into family life as well as life in the community. If this return to the family is not possible, the KCC tries to find alternative options, such as places in boarding schools, foster families, jobs, etc. The procedure in these cases is individual and depends strongly on the specific situation and the interests of the child concerned.
During the time in which the child's family is "tracked down" and, if possible, contact is made with them, the children have a safe place to live through the shelter on the one hand, and on the other hand they can participate in the activities at the centre and thus also be integrated into the KCC community. They can discover what it means to be cared for and liked, to feel safe and to have the opportunity to learn and play with other children without being labelled as street children by existing prejudices of society. At the KCC, they are to experience simply being a child or being allowed to be a child and to be part of a community. So far, the KCC has been able to provide exactly that, and some of the street children who have already been to the KCC have repeatedly mentioned how comfortable they felt there, because they are simply part of it without any ifs and buts.

The shelter is located in a rented building near the KCC. Since 2014, former street boys and girls have been living there together with two KCC volunteers. The KCC volunteers take care 24/7 that the boys and girls are well and have a regular daily routine and are provided with food, school materials, etc. Since the shelter is only a 10-minute walk away from the KCC, the children living there can easily reach the centre, but still have their own place of refuge. In the morning the boys go to school, in the afternoon they visit the KCC and take part in its daily activities. Some of the boys have recently started doing acrobatics, for example, and have become so good that they even perform at shows in hotels, beach resorts or at other events.

In the first years, 12-16 children lived in the shelter. In the meantime, however, the KCC has been able to expand the facilities so that more than 30 boys and girls currently live there. In addition, the KCC has separately rented another "apartment" in which five young people who are already 18 years old have been living since the beginning of 2018. Therefore, they should no longer live in the shelter, but stand more and more on their own two feet. So far, this is working out very well. Of course, the KCC is still there for them and helps them when necessary.

The main goals of the shelter are:

1.Provide temporary shelter, care and professional support and counselling sessions to children currently living on the streets in Dar es Salaam.
2. To involve the children in the daily educational programmes and activities at KCC and to give them the opportunity to be part of the community while living at the shelter.
3. Finding the children's parents or guardians with the primary aim of reintegrating the children into their families if possible.
4. Looking for alternative solutions and possibilities if reintegration into the family is not possible. This can be, for example, placement in a foster family or a place in a boarding school.

As the shelter incurs high costs (approx. 1,000 EUR/month) to feed and adequately care for the children, we are grateful for any support and welcome local helpers, donations and sponsors.

From time to time, the Shelter also receives food donations from private individuals in Tanzania. They bring a big bag of rice, maize flour or beans, but also washing powder and other hygiene items such as soap, toothpaste, etc.



The current plan

Together with KCC, we have been thinking about how to secure the shelter in the long term. Initially, the idea was to buy the currently rented facilities and then renovate and, if necessary, rebuild them in such a way that it is even more oriented towards the needs of the boys and girls and at the same time the building meets all official requirements. With the help of donations from individual private persons as well as the strong support of the pupils of the Hansa-Gymnasium in Cologne, we were already able to collect around 8,000 euros in 2019/2020.

However, in the summer of 2020, another idea came up that we think is even better. We wanted to buy a new plot of land and have a completely new building constructed there. This way, we can realise all the specifications, save on rental costs and create a new, safe home for the boys and girls.

In July 2020, we were able to realise this dream and finally buy a great piece of land, which is diagonally opposite the current building, with our donations. The children from the shelter are actively helping and we hope that the move will not take much longer. We owe this to Wings of Support, who are financing the construction.

However, we still need more donations to furnish the new rooms with furniture and to make it comfortable. We are therefore happy about any help from you!


New Kcc Childrens Home

Here you can find updates on the developments at the construction site:

July 2020: Buying the land (through donations from Pamoja e.V.).
February 2021: First delivery of materials (financed by Wings of Support and Wilde Ganzen).
March 2021: The plot is cleared of rubbish, weeds and trees/bushes and construction begins.
April 2021: The roof is built
May 2021: The design of the outer wall is finished, a gate is put in and tiles are laid inside.


Scholarship Programme

Support a child at KCC through a school sponsorship.

KCC's Learner Scholarship Programme is aimed for the children who attend KCC on a daily basis, but whose families are not able to pay for the costs of secondary school. In Tanzania, apart from books, school uniform, transport, etc., attendance at primary school is free of charge. However, until recently, annual school fees were additionally charged for attending secondary school. Only very few children therefore had the opportunity to attend secondary school, as this is associated with costs that many families in Kigamboni cannot afford.

However, due to the change of president at the end of 2015, something has changed in the area of education, so that since recently there are no additional school fees for secondary schools if it is a state school. However, only those children who have a certain grade point average can go to a state secondary school. This means that more children have the chance to attend secondary school, but not all of them. If the families of children whose grade point average is insufficient cannot afford to send them to a public school, these children will continue to attend only primary school.

The Scholarship Programme therefore helps the children to attend secondary school after primary school. KCC wants to give more children the opportunity to finish school so that they have a better chance of finding a job or studying at a college.

For a child, about 400-500 EUR per year are usually enough to cover the costs of attending a secondary school. However, the exact costs depend on the specific school and the circumstances of the individual children and can therefore vary slightly. In total, secondary school lasts 4-6 years, and sponsorship lasts accordingly.

Only children who regularly attend KCC and participate in the centre's activities can be sponsored through the Scholarship Programme. In addition, meetings with the children of the programme take place at regular intervals, in which, among other things, news are discussed, reports from the school are submitted to KCC, and letters are written to the sponsors. This ensures that the sponsors and the KCC are informed about news of the sponsored child.

In addition, each sponsor is welcome to visit both the KCC and the sponsored child at any time. It is also appreciated that the sponsors write to their sponsored children. This is done by email to the KCC, the letters are then printed out for the children on site and passed on.

At times, due to the changes in school fees, no new sponsorships were arranged, but the existing sponsorships were of course continued. In our opinion, this development can be seen as progress, as the political changes have led to fewer young people being dependent on external support!

As the boys and girls currently living in the KCC Shelter do not have families to support them and are therefore dependent on the KCC and its donations, we are also looking for sponsors for them so that they can attend secondary school.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please send us an email so that we can get in touch and you can receive more detailed information about a sponsored child and the costs involved!


College Scholarship

Support a KCC volunteer through college sponsorship

Many of the Tanzanian KCC volunteers have been working at KCC for a long time, but for various reasons have not had the opportunity to continue their education or gain the necessary qualifications for their work. The College Scholarship Programme therefore supports the further education and training of KCC volunteers.

On the one hand, the work of the volunteers, which often lasts for years, should be more recognised and give them more opportunities for their future. On the other hand, the work at KCC becomes more professional through the College Scholarship Program, as the volunteers expand their knowledge and skills by studying at a college and gain additional qualifications. They can apply the theoretical knowledge at KCC while studying and at the same time pass on their newly acquired skills to other volunteers.

Through this still very young programme, young adults also have the opportunity for education or further training, which is a great support for KCC in the long run. Currently, three volunteers from three different families are supported by this programme.

The costs for such a College Scholarship vary greatly, as they depend on the course of study and the college. As a rule, 700 - 800 euros per year are necessary. The duration of the studies also varies, usually it takes between two and four years to complete a degree.

KCC very much welcomes regular contact (e.g. by email) between sponsor and sponsored volunteer.

If you are interested in sponsoring a KCC volunteer (alone or together with other people), please contact us or the KCC directly so that you can receive further information about the volunteers, the respective costs, etc. We will be happy to help you.

If you sponsor a volunteer, we will gladly issue you a donation receipt!


Tumaini has been working at KCC since 2007. Since then, he regularly gives maths tutoring and teaches art. He also does the make-up of those who perform at shows. At KCC, he takes care of the organisation of performances as well as the finances and business of the centre, among other things.  Through the College Scholarship, he studied computer engineering and computer science. He graduated at the end of 2018 and passed on the skills he has acquired in his studies at KCC.

Shabani has been at KCC since 2012. He is currently responsible for the social media area, which means, for example, that he maintains the Facebook page as well as the homepage of KCC, gives social media lessons & workshops at KCC to educate the young people about how to use the internet and the dangers of it. The college sponsorship enabled him to study journalism for 3 years in Dar es Salaam, which he completed in 2018.

Neema is 27 years old and has been working at KCC for two years. She participates in acting classes, which take place in the afternoon. In the morning, she teaches in the Nursery Class and cares for the youngest children at KCC. Thanks to a sponsorship, she was able to start training as an educator in January 2018. This took a total of three years.


Wheelchairs for KCC

Since the KCC is very interested in welcoming everyone to the centre, regardless of nationality, wealth, religion or health impairments, the KCC also wants to enable all those to participate in the centre who cannot get there without help or devices. In addition, it is important to the KCC to support disadvantaged families wherever possible. This also includes making everyday life easier for children who have physical impairments, for example.

Unfortunately, there are not many devices available to people with disabilities in Tanzania. But sometimes the small and simple things like a very simple wheelchair can improve the quality of life a lot!

For this reason, KCC is currently trying to support some physically disabled children from Kigamboni by collecting funds to finance wheelchairs for these children.

As many families are not able to buy a wheelchair for their children themselves, many children with disabilities unfortunately stay at home, lying on the sofa or bed most of the time and therefore cannot participate in the daily life of the family or the other children.

With a wheelchair, they would have many more opportunities to come into contact with other children, be part of life on the street, come to the KCC and would simply be more flexible and mobile overall.

We would like to support the KCC in this great project and hope for your active support!

We were already able to finance two wheelchairs with the help of the primary school in Burgweiler, which organised a charity run for the benefit of the KCC. With this campaign, we hope for even more supporters and thus to be able to provide even more children with wheelchairs!

If you are interested in financing wheelchairs, please donate to Pamoja e.V. with the reference "Wheelchairs for KCC". As always, every cent counts 🙂 .

Of course we are happy to issue receipts for donations. Please send us an email with your postal address. Thank you!



KCC Future

The government of Tanzania is planning to restructure, modernise and thus upgrade the Kigamboni district ("Kigamboni New City"). These changes could also have far-reaching consequences for the KCC, as the KCC buildings belong to the government. Although the KCC has been assured of the continued use of its current premises, the fear remains that the government will reclaim it at some point.

Currently, it is prohibited to acquire or build on land in the centre of Kigamboni. The KCC is therefore unlikely to be able to acquire its own land in this area, to expand the centre or to change its location. However, it is very important to the KCC to reach and support as many children and young people as possible. Therefore, there has long been the consideration of possibly establishing another KCC at a different location.

Due to the planned restructuring of Kigamboni and thanks to a donation from the Selesko Foundation, KCC was able to buy a three-hectare plot of land (KCC Future) in 2010, where this idea is to become reality. KCC Future is located in Gezaolole, about 15 kilometres from the current centre, behind the border of the government's planned "Kigamboni New City".

Of course, KCC does not want to leave the current location, nor does it want to close the centre in the heart of Kigamboni. However, KCC Future offers the security of being able to relocate the centre if necessary. The actual intention of KCC, however, is to establish another community centre there.

A three-phase plan has been developed for the site:

Phase 1: Securing and preparing.
This phase includes the construction of a fence around the property, the construction of a small wooden hut, a well, and the installation of a pump and a water tank. All these construction projects have already been implemented. The fence serves to surround the property so that, for example, neighbours do not use the property for their animals, but also for protection. The cottage was built so that someone can live on the property, take care of it and guard it. The well, pump and tank are the basis for the planned agriculture and general water supply on the property.

Gezaolole is not very densely populated so far and has not yet been connected to the electricity grid, so the residents still live without electricity and running water. The KCC well is therefore available to all neighbours free of charge. Another goal of this phase is the investment in and installation of renewable energy sources. However, the KCC has not yet had the financial means for this.
Phase 2: Development of agriculture
In this phase, the development of two separate vegetable gardens and the construction of a housing for keeping chickens are planned, as well as the start of farm production and the sale of agricultural products on the market.

In 2012, the vegetable gardens were established and a large chicken house for about 100 chickens was built. Unfortunately, it turned out that the soil and the earth on this plot are not suitable for farming. Planting vegetables therefore failed, so that the KCC was also unable to implement the sale of vegetables. Similarly, keeping chickens turned out to be very difficult after some time. So although there was help from outside, the plan to use the land for agricultural purposes could not be implemented, so unfortunately this phase could not be carried out successfully. However, further income opportunities are being explored that can be implemented on the property in the future.

Phase 3: Construction of further buildings

In the third phase, a community centre is to be built. This will require the construction of various facilities such as a hall (for events, for example), offices and classrooms, a First Aid room, a shelter for street children and a kind of hostel for international volunteers and other guests. This hostel would also provide an income opportunity for the centre.

The construction of the buildings has not yet started. At the moment, the necessary financial means are still being found. However, the KCC is very confident to find a sponsor soon and to be able to start with the construction in a timely manner.

Long-term goal:

As soon as the construction can be completed, the KCC will have the opportunity to generate a regular income. KCC Future thus represents the opportunity for financially independent development.

Of course we are happy to issue donation receipts. Please send us an email with your postal address. Thank you!

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